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Church History

These pages are an account of the history of our Church, also including some other areas of local history which may be of interest.

They were written by Tony Bryer, who would still be interested to hear any comments that you have or any additional information that you may be able to provide. You may contact him by email at hi...@twickenhamurc.org.uk or via Greentram Software.

A printed book "Chapel Next The Green", also written by Tony and published in 1982, contains much more information and photographs covering the time from the founding of our Church (as Twickenham Congregational Church) until 1972. Copies are still available, please contact us for more information.

These pages have not been converted and formatted for our new web site yet, and some of the links within them may not work. If you get lost, please use the "HOME" link at the top left to return to our home page.

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