Brian Louis Pearce

Poet and Novelist

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The One Not There

The one not there is always turning up
We can't help bowing to the empty chair
where, large as life, his honour sits to sup.

Those whose belief in him is one hiccup
find he is everywhere but where they stare
and, though not there, is always turning up

The powers unseen don't need the guns of Krupp
Pandora's not the only conjuror there.
The absent guest invites himself to sup.

Petitioners of air are sold a pup
save for the trembling consequences of prayer,
the one not there who will keep turning up.

Forbear to fax him with your guff or gup:
he'll make his presence felt although elsewhere
and, as he said, is with us as we sup.

The one who doesn't come will fill the cup
of those who've loved until the cupboard's bare.
For one not there he will keep turning up
and, there or not, rubs shoulders as we sup.

Third Way February 2001.

© Brian Louis Pearce

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