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Organisations meeting at the Church

In addition to being a worshipping, caring community, the church is pleased to support and welcome the following clubs and organisations, several of which are either run or supported by church members. The church's aim is to be at the heart of the local community. In addition to Sunday morning and evening services, often led by members of the congregation, there are regular prayer meetings on Saturday mornings and services are held periodically at Laurel Dene care home and at Teddington Hospital.

Where available, links are to their own websites which will provide contact details. We are not responsible for, and need not necessarily agree with any content of, the sites linked from here. Links to external web sites will open in a new window.

For children and young people:  Toddler Time (Friday mornings) and Mini Play (Monday mornings) for under 5's;  Friday Club for under 8's;  00Zero Club for 7-11 year olds; Pilots for 10-13 year olds. See our Children and Young People's Groups page for more information on these.

Uniformed organisations for young people:  Beavers for boys and girls aged 6-8;  Cubs for boys aged 8-10;  Scouts for ages 10-16. See the Youth Organisations page for more information on these.

Teddington Choral Society rehearses at the church on Monday evenings (currently 8pm - 10pm) during term time. Contact Jean Mitelman (Secretary) on 020 8878 3900. The Teddington Ladies Choir rehearses on Monday afternoons (2pm - 4pm), contact Geoffrey Bowyer on 020 8894 3773.

Richmond Voices is a group for those with learning difficulties, from the Stepping-on-Out charity. The group is not currently meeting, but hopes to resume soon. For further information please contact Lucy Thomas 020 8672 8197 or Alice Maslen at Stepping-on-Out, st...@yahoo.co.uk.

The Maranatha Fellowship is a devotional interdenominational group, meeting on every third Tuesday of the month at 8pm. Contact Trevor Blair on 020 8398 6986 or Janet Higgs on 020 8941 3626.

The Trefoil Group for retired Girl Guide leaders meets monthly. Search for the group on their national web site.

Twickenham Green Townswomen's Guild (meeting on the first and fourth Wednesdays of each month at 10am, contact Ann Stevens on 020 8891 1646 or Maggie Nichols, ma...@hotmail.com) and St.Margarets Townswomen's Guild (meeting on the second Monday of each month at 2pm, contact Valerie Hall on 020 8867 2436) both meet at the church. Search for those groups on their national web site.

The Twickenham Hearing Support Group, for those with hearing difficulties, meets on Wednesday evenings (7.30pm - 9.15pm). See their own web site at hearingsupport.org for more information and contact details.

The Richmond Talking Newspaper for the Blind records and dispatches weekly from the church.

Other organisations that the church has been pleased to host in the past have been:

Together as One, a day drop-in club (with meals provided) two days a week for men and women with mental health difficulties. Church members have assisted in the running of this centre. See their own web site at togetherasone.co.uk for current information and contact details.

SOS!SEN workshops to help parents with children having special educational needs.

Integrated Neurological Services holding training meetings for medical students concerned with stroke, Parkinsons and other neurological conditions.